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Prospects for Tourism

International visitor arrivals to the Philippines are expected to increase by 8 to 10 percent in 2007, according to Tourism Secretary Joseph Ace Durano. Such growth forecast would match the 8.4 percent increase in arrivals in 2006, which was a record year for tourism, Durano added.

Boracay attractions

Boracay Island drew 910,000 visitors in 2011, up by 16 percent from 2010.  Aklan’s provincial government expects Boracay to draw one million visitors this year.

Global-Estate Resorts Inc. (GERI), the tourism and leisure arm of business tycoon Andrew Tan, anticipates the need to prepare Boracay for more tourist arrivals. Through Boracay Newcoast, the only integrated tourism estate in Boracay, GERI expects to redefine tourism by enhancing visitors’ experience of the island.

Covering 14 percent of the island, Boracay Newcoast is the island’s only integrated tourism estate. It has the island’s only championship golf course and will soon boast of the island’s first shophouse district, boutique hotel district, and exclusive residential village.