Manila as top travel destination

Yahoo, the world's most visited website, has listed Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, as one of the planet's top travel destinations. Manila was listed at No. 10 in the list of "10 passport-worthy locations thousands Yahoo! users chose as very best."

Paris, the capital of France topped the Yahoo survey as the best travel destination in the planet, followed by the resort city of Cancun in Mexico.

Others in the list were Montego Bay in Jamaica, San Juan in Puerto Rico, Rome in Italy, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Lisbon in Portugal, Phuket in Thailand, and Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

While Yahoo cited problems such as traffic and pollution in Metro Manila, visitors cited its friendly people, excellent nightlife, historical sights and some of the most cavernous shopping malls in Asia.

"At first sight, the city may seem clamorous, unkempt and rough around the edges, but what it lacks in architectural sophistication it makes up for with an accessible chaotic charm. The way to enjoy it is to step into the fray and go with the flow, which is exactly what Manileños have learned to do," Yahoo Travel said.

It said that most tourists go to Manila because they have a day or two to kill either at the beginning or the end of a trip to the rest of the country.

In an earlier report, Yahoo listed Manila as the fifth most searched international city on its search engine. " Manila attracts budget travelers looking for beaches and nightlife," it said.

Manila was listed behind London, Cancun, Frankfurt and San Juan in Puerto Rice, but turned up ahead of Bangkok, Paris, Rome, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and Amsterdam in the most searched cities list.

This was the second time Philippine destinations figured prominently in the listing of top destinations in the world.

In its August 2007 issue, the Islands Magazine based in the United States listed Negros Oriental and its capital Dumaguete as one of the 20 best islands in the world to live on.

The magazine, one of the widest circulated and most trusted travel publications in the United States, included Negros Oriental with its capital Dumaguete as among the best islands in the whole world where expatriates may settle based on the following criteria: flip-flop wearability, strong expat communities, and affordable real estate.

Other criteria used were weather, languages spoken, ease of immigration and accessibility to hospitals. Expats were also interviewed for an insider's opinion.

Negros Oriental province actually comprises just half of Negros or "Buglas" Island and belongs to Central Visayas or Region 8. The other half, Negros Occidental, is a part of Western Visayas or Region 6.

The province of Negros Oriental has 20 towns and 5 cities, the center of which is Dumaguete City, which is famous for its beautiful sceneries and hospitable people. Roderick T. dela Cruz

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