6,000 hotel rooms to open in the Philippines

More hotels are expected to be introduced in 2015, with close to 6,000 rooms slated for completion, according to property research firm Colliers.

A significant number of hotels slated to open in 2015 are in key business districts in Metro Manila, thereby addressing the need not only for leisure travellers in Entertainment City but also for business travellers, it said.

Colliers said while the entry of more foreign hotel flags is encouraging, the government has to step up in attracting more international tourists after a lacklustre performance in 2014, which fell far behind the target.
“As much as Colliers would like to be wrong, the problems that plague the airport system in Manila [as well as some airlines] will continue to dissuade international travellers and stifle tourism growth, it said.

Colliers said since 2010, the number of international flights arriving and departing at NAIA has risen by 8.7 percent annually, while as of November 2014 growth was almost 5 percent YoY. No definite initiatives have been made to increase the number of runways.

“Without a clear and concrete plan to fix the capacity of NAIA or construct nearby airports, the country may not be able to accommodate more tourists, missing tremendous opportunities brought about by the current tourism boom,” it said.

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