Albay Province to Hosts APEC Events

People of Albay province consider as another economic milestone their having easily hurdled  last week’s hosting assessment for the forthcoming Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum events by the national organising council.

They consider the feat and hosting of the APEC summit as another big step to realise their “Albay Boom” vision, their strong bid for economic growth.  One of Albay Boom’s anchors is enhanced tourism flow, as Albayanos believe hosting events of the APEC summit will help boost Albay’s tourism industry.  Thousands of additional foreign and local visitors are expected to visit their province during the APEC events.

Albay is among the few chosen venues for the Philippines’ hosting of the APEC summit. A series of ministerial and technical groups’ meetings will start later this year and go on until the actual summit in November 2015.

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