Manila is an ‘Awful’ Place Worth Visiting

Australian newspaper The Age has recommended Metro Manila as one of 10 cities in the world that are worth visiting, despite their undeserved negative image.  In his article “Ten ‘awful’ cities you should still visit,” published on 27th August 2013 issue of the Melbourne-based newspaper The Age, author David Whitley said there are certain cities in the world that saw their reputation repeatedly and unfairly thrashed.

“These supposed grotholes may be bywords for crime, industrial bleakness or urban decay, but they do have something about them that makes them worth casting aside prejudices for,” he said.

In describing Metro Manila, Mr. Whitley said, despite being “a chaotic, disjointed mess…it has a passionate boisterousness missing from other Southeast Asian cities—the garish jeepneys and wall-to-wall karaoke bars are the best examples of this.”

“It also has three remarkable attractions. First up is Intramuros, the fortified, Spanish colonial heart of the city—full of old churches and surrounded by a highly bizarre golf course. Then there’s the Ayala Museum, which offers a note-perfect trawl through the fascinating and unique history of the Philippines. And, to finish off, there’s the American Cemetery and Memorial, the largest war cemetery in the world. The sweeping rows of graves marked with crosses and Jewish stars have a memorably humbling effect,” he said.

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