Star rating for tourist spots

For the first time, the Philippines will have its own hotel rating system based on a global standard that will elevate the status of Philippine accommodation facilities.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) said it has assessed over 700 tourism establishments in the past year and is poised to rate them under a new system ranging from one to five stars under the National Accommodation Standards (NAS). 

NAS, a globally-accepted assessment and accreditation programme for hotels and resorts in the country, was launched in 2012 but has yet to make an official announcement on the results of the assessment.

Before this, accommodation facilities were “rated” or classified   de luxe class, first class, standard class and economy class. The “star” ratings normally claimed by hotels are self-assessed ratings.

The DOT said the new system establishes a five-star grading system for hotel, resorts and apartment hotels. The whole programme aims to elevate the quality of accommodations in the country and make them world-class.

In the new star ratings system established by DOT, there are five levels of accommodation standards ranging from one to five stars applicable to hotels, resorts and apartment hotels. 

The new set of accommodation standards is a point system based on inventory, availability, condition and quality of a specific facility. This formal star-classification replaced the country’s dated rating standards of hotels and other types of accommodations – Economy, Standard, First-Class and Deluxe.

With the new star ratings system, DOT hopes to gain the confidence of foreign and domestic travellers who visit the country for business and leisure, as well as raise the country’s profile in competitiveness.

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