Hotels in Resorts World

Alliance Global Group Inc. (AGI) plans to add four more hotels at its Resorts World Manila in Pasay City over the next five years.  The company said these will bring to seven the total number of hotels in the integrated entertainment complex that will have an aggregate room count of 2,800 and accommodate around 600,000 foreign and local visitors.

"Resorts World Manila is a game changer. No other tourism development has been developed in the same breadth and scale. We are breaking new ground and we hope that other investors will join us in investing in the country’s tourism sector, where the potential is vast and the opportunities to create an impact on our economy is great," said AGI.
Among the hotels in Resort World are the six-star Maxims Tower, the five-star Marriott Hotel and budget hotel Remington Hotel.  By next month, Resorts World will host a total of 1,226 hotel rooms spread out over the three brands.

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