Hotels in the Philippines

A study by the National Statistics Office (NSO) counted a total of 14,998 hotels and restaurants in the Philippines as of 2009.  Results of the 2009 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI) show that of the total, hotels and other accommodation facilities accounted for 1,650 or 11.0 percent.  The rest of the 13,348 establishments are either restaurants, bars, canteens or other drinking and eating places.

Employment in the hotel and restaurant sector reached 290,672 as of 2009. Of the total employment, 283,171 or 97.4 percent were paid employees and the rest, 7,501 or 2.6 percent, were working owners and unpaid workers.

Hotels, camping sites and other accommodation facilities had an average of 34 employees, compared to restaurants, bars, canteens and other eating and drinking places with only 18 workers per establishment.

Total compensation paid by hotels and restaurants reached PhP31.2 billion in 2009, equivalent to PhP110,173 in average annual compensation per employee.

The sector posted total revenues of PhP207.8 billion in 2009, broken down as PhP163.9 billion for restaurants, bars, canteens and other eating and drinking places and PhP43.9 billion for hotels, camping sites and other providers of short-stay accommodation.

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