How many hotels does Philippines have?

Foreign and domestic tourists can stay at any of the 2,343 hotels and resorts in seven key destinations in the Philippines.  Altogether, these accommodation facilities provide 65,052 rooms as of June 2010.  About 46,048 persons are employed in these facilities, with 78 percent as regular personnel and 22 percent as seasonal employees.

The selected destinations in the Central Philippines Super Region, including Cebu, Boracay and Palawan, have a combined share of 60 percent of the total available rooms, while Metro Manila and Tagaytay City accounted for 37 percent and 3 percent, respectively.

In the Central Philippines, Cebu has 18,009 rooms or 46 percent of the total rooms in the tourism region, while Boracay Island has 6,984 rooms or 18 percent.  Palawan has 4,140 rooms for a 10 percent share.

By room density, six hotels in Metro Manila have more than 500 rooms each; ten with 300 to 500 rooms; 53 with 100 to 300 rooms; and 83 with 50 to 100 rooms.  In Cebu, four hotels have more than 500 rooms each; 2 with 300 to 500 rooms; 30 establishments with 100 to 300 rooms; and 42 with 50 to 100 rooms.

In Boracay Island, only one resort has more than 300 rooms, 10 facilities with 100 to 300 rooms, and 16 facilities have 50 to 100 rooms.  In Palawan, ten establishments in Palawan have more than 50 rooms while majority have 6 to 100 rooms.

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