Manila, top city destination in Asia

Manila is the 10th most visited city destination in Asia, according to the new index of Global Destination Cities developed by Mastercard.  The study ranked London as the world’s top city destination, which is expected to receive 20.1 million inbound passengers in 2011, topping Paris’ 18.1 million.  Bangkok is expected to welcome the third-highest number of visitors, followed by Singapore and Hong Kong.  Asia-Pacific cities account for eight of the top 20 global destinations.

New York, at 12th place with 7.6 million inbound passengers, is the only one US city in the list of the world’s most visited this year.  However, the Big Apple will account for the second largest tourist expenditure of US$20.3 billion this year, trailing only London’s US$25.6 billion.

In Asia, Manila is seen to be the 10th top Asian destination, with 3 million inbound visitors, trailing Bangkok with 11.5 million arrivals; Singapore, 11.4 million; Hong Kong, 10.9 million; Seoul, 7.9 million; Kuala Lumpur, 6.9 million; Shanghai, 5.5 million; Taipei, 5.4 million; Tokyo, 5.0 million; and Beijing, 4.6 million.

In terms of expenditure, Bangkok comes out in top position again with an estimated total visitor expenditure of US$14.4 billion in 2011. Sydney is in second position with an estimated visitor expenditure of US$13.8 billion.  

For Bangkok, its top five cities of origin by visitor arrivals are Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, and London. However, spending by visitors from Hong Kong, estimated at US$1.5 billion, is the largest. 

For Singapore, the top five cities of origin are Jakarta, Manila, Hong Kong, London, and Kuala Lumpur. Expenditures in Singapore by visitors from Jakarta are also the largest at US$1.2 billion. 

Fastest growing destinations in the region are Kuala Lumpur, with 21.8 percent; Beijing, 20.2 percent, Shanghai, 18.6 percent; Hong Kong, 17.4 percent; Taipei, 16.9 percent; Manila, 15.3 percent; Singapore, 14.5 percent; Tokyo, 13.5 percent; Bangkok, 10.9 percent; and Seoul, 10.4 percent.

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