Department of Tourism Clarifies New Country Brand and Affirms Commitment to Excellence

During a lunch reception for tourism frontliners on Thursday, May 11, Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco addressed the recent introduction of the country branding initiative “We Give the World our Best” by the Office of the Presidential Advisor on Creative Communications (OPACC). Secretary Frasco clarified the relationship between the new ad campaign, which highlights the work of Filipino nurses in the United Kingdom, and the upcoming tourism brand by the Department of Tourism (DOT).

Acknowledging potential confusion among some individuals, Secretary Frasco reassured the public that the DOT will unveil a distinct tourism brand for the Philippines that aligns with the overarching country brand while enhancing the present tagline.

“There is a sea of opinions about this. But I would like to remind our fellow Filipinos that the statement ‘We give the world our best’ is a statement of fact. Do you not agree? Is it not true that our Filipino workers all over the world have shown nothing less than devotion to duty, commitment to responsibility, a willingness to go the extra mile, to serve with love and compassion? We are Filipinos. We give the world our best,” emphasized Secretary Frasco in her statement.

Drawing on her experiences as a former local chief executive and former President of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP), Secretary Frasco recounted how communities and local government units consistently demonstrated their best preparations for festivals, reflecting the innate hospitality of Filipinos.

“We fully support the campaign of our President to put forth to the world that the Philippines has no intention of putting out nothing less than the best. And that idea is translated further into what we have to offer in the Philippines. We have the best beaches, the best sites, the best nature destinations. And we have the best tour guides,” Secretary Frasco enthused.

Highlighting the comprehensive nature of the “We Give the World our Best” campaign, Secretary Frasco emphasized that it extends beyond a slogan; it is a statement of fact, a rallying call, and an aspirational goal for those facing challenges. The DOT remains committed to promoting excellence in the tourism industry, ensuring that every aspect of Filipino hospitality and service reflects the country’s dedication to providing the world with nothing less than the best.

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