New hotels in Cebu

About 804 new hotel and resort rooms opened in Cebu in 2009.  These rooms included those of the PhP3.18 billion Imperial Palace Water Park, Resort and Spa (567 rooms), Citi Park Hotel (105 rooms), Alpa City Suites (84 rooms), Oftana Suites (24 rooms), and Grand Terra Suite (24 rooms).

New attractions emerged in Cebu, such as the Island Banca Cruises which attracted foreign and local visitors with its organised and uniquely packaged island-hopping tour experiences of the marine sanctuaries of Nalusuan and Gilutungan.  Other new attractions were the pristine white beach of Pandanon and dive sites of Moalboal.   Existing heritage tour has also been enhanced to allow tourists to experience a different cultural and historical aspect of Cebu.

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