DOT Secretary Frasco Unveils Tourism Roadmap and Initiatives for Post-Pandemic Economy

Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco shared the comprehensive tourism roadmap for the Philippines in the post-pandemic economy during a press conference at Kapihan sa Manila Bay on Wednesday, May 24. Addressing journalists and guests at Cafe Adriatico in Malate, Manila, Secretary Frasco outlined the Department’s efforts to transform the Philippines into a tourism powerhouse in Asia.

As part of the discussion, Secretary Frasco provided insights into various aspects of the DOT’s initiatives and plans:

PHL Participation in International and Local Events:
Highlighting the country’s active participation in international expos across the globe, Secretary Frasco revealed that the Marcos administration has generated approximately P3.33 billion in estimated sales leads. The DOT, in collaboration with the Tourism Promotions Board, has been instrumental in promoting Philippine tourism domestically and globally. Regional expos such as the North Luzon Travel Expo, Mindanao Travel Expo, and the upcoming Central Philippines Travel Expo aim to connect regions and provide travel opportunities to Filipinos.

PHL Tourism Branding:
Secretary Frasco emphasized the ongoing efforts to enhance the tourism slogan, stating that while the country will continue to be marketed as a “fun destination,” the new slogan will also highlight the rich and diverse Filipino culture. The updated branding aims to offer immersive and purposeful experiences that align with global trends post-pandemic.

Investment Opportunities in PHL Tourism:
Secretary Frasco highlighted the importance of product development and improvement in various aspects of the Philippine tourism industry. She stressed the significance of infrastructure, connectivity, and digitalization as priorities of the current administration. The discussion included existing flagship tourism enterprise zones (TEZ) ready for investment, spanning well-known destinations and lesser-known areas.

Restoration of the Manila Central Post Office:
Addressing the recent burning of the historic Manila Central Post Office, Secretary Frasco referred to it as a “tragedy in terms of heritage” and emphasized the need for national attention and support. Recognizing the heritage value of the structure, the DOT expressed commitment to support its rehabilitation, working in alignment with the direction set by the Marcos Administration.

In conclusion, Secretary Frasco assured the public that the Marcos Administration is investing in tourism not only in well-known destinations but also in lesser-known areas. The DOT remains dedicated to promoting Philippine tourism and preserving cultural treasures, contributing to the country’s growth and development.

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