Foreign students in the Philippines

The Philippines is becoming a major destination for Asian students.  The Bureau of Immigration reported that Korean students who received special study permits (SSPs) totaled 26,823 in 2010.  Foreign students who wish to take up elementary, high school and special courses in a Philippine school need to apply for a special study permit or SSP.

The SSP is different from the student visa or so-called 9[F] visa, which is issued to a foreigner taking up tertiary education in a Philippine college or university.

The government also issued 1,041 SSPs to Japanese students, 336 permits to Indian students and 262 permits to Chinese students.  Other study permit holders were from Taiwan, Indonesia, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Iran.

The bureau also issued more than 6,000 9(F) visa to Korean students who enrolled in various colleges and universities nationwide last year.  Other foreign students in Philippine universities were 3,395 Chinese, 2,980 Iranian and 1,004 American students.


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