Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island, known for its lanzones festival, offers white-sand beaches, spring resorts and magnificent caves untouched by industrial development. The island lies off the north coast of Mindanao. Aside from its beaches, Camiguin boasts of spring resorts and waterfalls.

The 62-square kilometer island-province has more volcanoes per square kilometer than any other island on Earth. Most famous of the island's seven volcanoes is Mt. Hibok-Hibok whose last eruption was recorded in 1951.

Among its popular attractions are the Ardent Spring Resort run by the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA), the Mt. Hibok-Hibok itself, Santo Niño Cold Spring, Medano Islet, Mantigue Island and the lanzones festival.

There are local flights to Camuigin island.

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