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Alphaland Boracay Gateway

Property developer Alphaland Corp. will spend as much as PhP1.2 billion to build new projects and expand existing ones this year.  The company said its projects include Alphaland Balesin Country Club in Quezon, and a resort in Boracay in partnership with Akean Resorts Corp.

Pools and Resorts

tambuli beach resort in mactan cebu

Aside from beaches and diving spots, the Philippines also has other beautiful places. You can either take a dip in the refreshing waters of modern resort facilities, feel the gush of volcanic hot springs or just have fun under the waterfalls. Watch the promotional video of the Department of Tourism on Youtube.

Balisin Island Resort

Alphaland Corp. is spending at least PhP16 billion until 2014 on various real estate projects, including the 34-hectare Bay City project to be located near SM Mall of Asia.  Reports said the Bay City project, which will have a marina/yacht club, will cost at least PhP2.5 billion.  Of the projected cost, around PhP1 billion will be for the breakwater and about PhP300 million for an old cruise ship that will be converted into a clubhouse.

Laguna Resorts

Laguna Resorts and Hot Springs

Aside from Pagsanjan Falls, Laguna has a lot more to offer. Laguna has one of the Philippines' incredibly beautiful countryside sceneries. The province offers a scenic view of a bay, considered as the largest in the country. The towns of Calamba and Los Baños abound with swimming pools and resorts. Many residents of Metro Manila head for these towns during summer.

Puerto Azul Resort Cavite


Boulevard Holdings Inc. has accepted a US$10-million investment offer from a consortium led by Sumitomo Mitsui of Japan and now considers a PhP13.5 billion joint-venture proposal from its affiliate company JP Guilds Inc. for the redevelopment of the 3,000-hectare Puerto Azul resort complex. Also approved was a plan by management to look for other possible private investors for BHI, a tourism-oriented firm led by the Panlilio family.

Hidden Valley Springs Laguna

Hidden Valley Springs

Hidden Valley Springs is one of the most popular resorts in Alaminos, Laguna. The valley nestles at the foot of Mt. Makiling, a mystical mountain associated with local myths.


Bulacan Resorts

Bulacan, a progressive province just north of Manila, offers resort facilities that are generally clean and complete in amenities.

Puerto Azul Beach Resort

Puerto Azul

Situated on the southern entrance to Manila Bay and opposite Corregidor Island is Puerto Azul, a beach resort that offers a breathtaking sight with all its elegance and mystique.

Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island, known for its lanzones festival, offers white-sand beaches, spring resorts and magnificent caves untouched by industrial development. The island lies off the north coast of Mindanao. Aside from its beaches, Camiguin boasts of spring resorts and waterfalls.

Pangulasian Resort

Property developer Ayala Land, Inc. plans to complete the rehabilitation of its 43-room Pangulasian Resort in El Nido, Palawan next year.  The company has also announced its entry into the El Nido-based Ten Knots in April 2010, infusing money equivalent to 60 percent of the latter’s interest.
The company intends to open more “eco-tourism” projects in Palawan in 2011.  Under a joint venture with the operator of the El Nido Resorts, Ayala Land said it intends to infuse more equity into existing projects while retaining the brands.  “We would like to continue with the buildup in El Nido. We have Lagen island and Miniloc and would like to do some more island resorts in that area,” Ayala Land president Antonino Aquino was quoted as saying.