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Siargao Event This May 2006

The AdvenTurista Backpackers Club is organizing a trip to the Siargao Islands from May 13-23, 2006. Everyone is dared to join the adventure!

Boracay Redevelopment

a geological map of boracay islandThe Department of Tourism (DOT) has unveiled the redevelopment plan for the resort island of Boracay, which will give existing developers a ten-year transition period to comply with the new plan and investors to build more hotels and resorts over 123 hectares of new areas. Tourism Secretary Ace Durano said a part of the plan is a possible PhP1.2 billion investment by Manila Water to improve water services and sewerage system on the island. The target is to provide water services to the whole island by 2011 and sewerage system by 2012. The Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) is also investing PhP200 million to build new ports and a three-kilometer circumferential road in Barangay Balabag to decongest the existing road, which will be made a one-way lane. Durano said the comprehensive land use plan, prepared by architectural consultancy firm CEST Inc., will enable Boracay to accommodate as many as 2.2 million visitors by 2018, or three times the 700,000 visitors projected this year.


Baguio City

Rising 1,500 meters above the sea, Baguio City enjoys a relatively cool weather throughout the year. On the average, Baguio is at least eight degrees cooler than any place in the lowlands. Not surprisingly, Baguio has become the "summer capital" of the country.

Tabuk, Kalinga

Laya Valley, a fertile land overlooking the Cordillera mountain ranges, is fast becoming the hybrid rice seed capital of the Philippines, as farmers in this area embraced new rice varieties more enthusiastically than farmers elsewhere in the country.

Located more than 500 kilometers north of Manila, Laya Valley, which is fed with waters from Chico River, has over 800 hectares allocated for hybrid rice seed (F1) production, rivaled only by Roxas City in Isabela province. It also cultivates 5,700 hectares for the actual planting of hybrid rice (F2).

Tourism Events in 2009

Metro Manila hosted several major tourism events in 2009.  These included the International Conference on Green Industry in Asia, East Asia Seas Congress, Asian Congress on Health and Peace Tourism, Eco-Products International Fair, World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, Association of Convention and Visitors Bureau Meeting, Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation General Assembly, Licensing Executives Society International Annual Convention, and Federation of Asian Bishops Conference.

What to do in Manila

Makati buildingsFor a world-class shopping, dining and leisure experience, Manila has a lot to offer.  Unknown to many, Metro Manila is a major metropolis that has different centers of commerce, pockets of development and leisure destinations.  However, it would be better for foreign visitors and tourists who are visiting Manila for the first time to know some basic tips about moving around  Metro Manila.

Manila has about two dozens of five-star hotels, and they are mainly found at the Ayala Center in Makati City, Ortigas Center in Mandaluyong City, the Manila Bay area along Roxas Boulevard, and the newly built Resorts World near the Terminal 3 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay City.  These hotels are classified as deluxe hotels and have superior amenities and facilities to those of first-class hotels, standard hotels and economy hotels.

Top summer destinations

A survey conducted by StratPOLLS in March 2011 listed Boracay as the top summer travel destination for residents living in Metro Manila.  Of the 250 respondents, 76 percent picked Boracay as the “top dreamland destination,” specifically among the rich and middle classes of Metro Manila.

Luneta, Rizal Park in Manila

Rizal Park

Just beside Intramuros is Rizal Park, a 60-hectare conglomerate of gardens, historical markers, plazas, an artist's sanctuary, a 1913 bronze monument of Jose Rizal, a grand stadium, an observatory, an open-air concert hall, a light-and-sound theatre, restaurants, food kiosks and playgrounds, with dozens of fountains. Fronting the northwest side of the park is Manila Hotel, whose lobby is one of the most imposing in the world. Along the park's bayside, tourists can have an unobstructed view of the fabled Manila Bay sunset.

How to go to Camiguin

Camiguin Island, known for its lanzones festival, offers white-sand beaches, spring resorts and magnificent caves untouched by industrial development. The island lies off the north coast of Mindanao. Aside from its beaches, Camiguin boasts of spring resorts and waterfalls.


How to go to Bicol

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