Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco Receives Overwhelming Support Amidst Post-Pandemic Tourism Initiatives

Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco is set to lead the agency’s dynamic initiatives in revitalizing Philippine tourism post-pandemic, backed by a vote of confidence from President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. The President expressed his unwavering trust in Secretary Frasco during a media briefing on Friday (7 July), commending her swift actions in addressing concerns related to contracts and affirming her capability to navigate challenges.

President Marcos stated, “She has it under control, she knows what to do, and what she has done so far inspires confidence that she will fix the problem, and that the campaign of ‘Love the Philippines’ will be as successful as we hope for it to be.”

A groundswell of support has emerged from various sectors, including lawmakers, past tourism chiefs, and tourism stakeholders nationwide. The Tourism Congress of the Philippines (TCP) President Bob Zozobrado assured Secretary Frasco, “I have your back covered because we know that you are doing the right thing.”

PHILTOA President Fe Abling-Yu from the Philippine Tour Operators Association emphasized, “From the association, we embraced, we accepted it by heart, and in fact, we started promoting it already.” NAITAS President Raquel Sabudico echoed the sentiment, focusing on promoting the Philippines as a destination.

In a joint manifesto, tourism officers and stakeholders from Cebu expressed their steadfast support for Secretary Frasco. The statement highlighted her noble intention to showcase Filipinos’ love for the Philippines amidst challenges.

The Consulate of Japan in Cebu, represented by Consul General Hideki Yamaji, recognized the potential of the ‘Love The Philippines’ campaign to attract more Japanese visitors. The Office of the Presidential Adviser for the Visayas (OPAV) and Visayan Governors declared “full and unwavering support to the rebranding of Philippine tourism campaign.”

The Central Visayas Region, along with multi-industry and multi-sectoral stakeholders, released joint manifestos affirming their support for the DOT and Secretary Frasco. Signatories included representatives from the Philippine Chamber of Commerce, Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hotel Resort and Restaurants Association of Cebu Inc., and other business membership organizations.

The Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) expressed trust in Secretary Frasco’s leadership, stating, “We trust that she and her team will be able to chart the direction of the country’s tourism industry, which is a vital sector in our nation’s economy.”

In a statement, The Cebu Mandaue Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Inc. reiterated their full confidence in Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco’s ability to lead the Department of Tourism.

The overwhelming support from diverse sectors and regions underscores the collective belief in Secretary Frasco’s leadership and the ‘Love the Philippines’ campaign’s potential to elevate the country as a premier tourist destination.

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